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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Baby

So the holidays are approaching like a runaway locomotive and everyone's scrambling to make those lists, check them twice, act a little naughty, act a little nice...you know the standard early December activities.  Another very important thing on everyone's list is getting their Christmas Cards ready to go, and for many that includes an updated picture of their children or family.  For this post, I'd thought I'd share some recent pictures of my favorite little ones campaigning for Santa's "Nice" list.  Can you tell which one is campaigning a little harder? 

This is my favorite little guy, Cooper. Cooper is just right at 6 months old now.  He was the first newborn I ever photographed (and one of the only so far really).  I love Cooper and his mommy because they have an edgy style that allows me to really have fun and take some original photos. 

And this....is baby Emersyn. Em is about 8 1/2 months old now - you might remember her from my September post when she had her 6 month birthday.  I've vowed not to include the photo from that day when she sat in the grass in a tutu and leg warmers crying...but someday I will just HAVE to post it because it is too funny not to share.  Anyway, this is Emersyn putting her most angelic expressions on in an effort to maybe charm the gifts out of old St. Nick. 

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