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Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year New Beginnings New Goals

So, the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and 2011 is here.  I always experience this sort of melancholy feeling after the holidays. I wonder if I'm alone in that feeling or if other people get it too.  It's not really a sadness - but more of a sort of calm, peace, and sense of reflection. Maybe "reflection" is a better word.  I look back at the past year and can't believe another one has come and gone. 

January of 2010 I decided that I wasn't going to make resolutions! I was not going to be one of "those people" who got all geared up for new changes and just fizzled out a few weeks or months later. Every year I made resolutions and every year I let myself down by not achieving them.  Not in 2010! Nope, not me...I showed those silly people who make resolutions...you can't let yourself down if you don't ever put yourself out there.  Well...you want to know what's interesting?  When last year drew to a close, I felt a larger sense of disappointment by not having set any goals at all then I ever did by falling short of my goals in prior years.  I sort of felt like although it was a great year filled with many weddings, my new photography hobby, and too many wonderful moments to count - it had no purpose.

So, here I go...it's 2011 and I'm making resolutions everyone! That's right...I am back!  So, to hold myself accountable I'm sharing them with all of you.  I read something interesting on Facebook recently.  I believe it was Rhonda Riha who said that you should write your goals/resolutions as if you've already achieved them.  THAT was something I had never tried before.  So followers, here we go - In 2011 I joined a new fitness program, stayed 100% committed and was a huge success!  In 2011, I made my education in photography a priority - took 4 classes, and attended one major photography conference.  In 2011, I consistently updated my blog every 2 weeks!  In 2011 I achieved balance in the personal, professional, and spiritual aspects of my life!

Ah...that felt great! Okay, now on to the pictures.   The first pictures of the year need to be extra special so I'm going to share some pictures of my nephew who is now 8 days old.  My friend Shanda (you remember her) came over yesterday and we spent nearly 4 hours with little Zander.  She is a great teacher and I'm lucky that she's so generous with her knowledge and her time.  Happy New Year!