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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parties Parties Parties

So, one thing I'm very much intrigued by is small event photography.  Over the last two weeks I've had the opportunity to take pictures at 2 such events.  One of them would be Easton's birthday party.  IF you read my last entry, you already know that he's my nephew.  The other event would be Kristen's baby shower.  Kristen is a coworker of mine and is due in early September.....although I think she'd love to deliver early!   Let me tell you friends... it was not as easy as I thought.

Easton's party was at Pump It Up in Omaha.  Once again I used my trusty 50mm macro lens.  Getting the right shutter speed, aperture, and ISO settings were quite a challenge.  I guess I just assumed since the lights would be bright that everything would just work itself out.  Ha, not so much. I tried to get some "bouncing" action photos that would be super sharp. Do you know how FAST 5 year olds can move?  I think I underestimated them.  So, with the action shots, I was not as successful as I'd hoped.  Due in part to the lighting conditions and my lack of experience.  I'll know better what to do for next time though.  In my opinion it was a success and great experience,so I'm extremely grateful to Stef for inviting me.  Once we moved into the party room and got situated for cake and gifts, I had figured out some of my settings and things went a little more smoothly.

Kristen is such a great mommy to be. Her shower was full of cute and cuddly gifts and some of the funniest gifts I've ever seen.  She even got a Sock Monkey! I was so jealous.  It was by far the most I've ever laughed attending a shower. 
A little secret...she and her husband Ryan, have agreed to allow me to take some photos at the hospital during early labor. This will be a definite first for me and I'm not sure who is more excited...Kristen or Me?!

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