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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Easton is going to be 5!

So, today I got the priveledge of taking Easton's 5 year old pictures. Stef (his mother and my sister-in-law) and Jeff (his father and my brother-in-law) brought him to Standing Bear Lake at around 10:00 this morning.  It was blazing hot and not a cloud in the sky.  We started with a few family poses so we could get them out of the way before the adults melted in the heat. And trust me...they melted fast..we all did!

Easton was a great sport and didn't complain about the heat at all.  He did need to rest a few times, as he was up late last night cutting a rug at a wedding reception.  Isn't he handsome!? Oh, and if you could only meet him...he's so super smart.  Which, somehow, makes him extremely funny too.  It was a great morning.

I finally was able to use the chair that I purchased at the junk store several weeks ago on an expedition with Shanda.  I painted  it red, cut a new seat and recovered it. It's not exactly professional quality refinishing, but not bad for my first attemp.  Okay, it's not even close to professional refinishing, but I'm still proud. Ha! For this shoot, I used  my new 50mm  macro lens - yes I broke down and bought one - and I was even able to use the old metal bucket I bought (at an entirely different junk store) with Shanda.

For those of you learning to use your DSLR - I tried to use my flash for fill light under a tree today.  The sun shining through the leaves was giving crazy shadows all over their faces.  I was  shooting in Manual, and my meter kept blowing up as over-exposed.  I hope to find a solution to share with you.  If anyone else has an explanation, I'm open to hearing your advice.  Otherwise, I plan to make a trip to see my friends at Rockbrook Camera next weekend to see if they can help clear things up for me. More to come...

Easton is turning 5 next weekend and I can't wait to celebrate his birthday with him.  Stay tuned for next week's post which should include some shots from his birthday party at Pump It Up. 

So - this one probably won't make it in a frame, but I had to put it out here for Easton.  He was so proud of how well he could kick the soccer ball! He kept asking me to take pictures of him as he was kicking, so I know he'll be happy to know that this "Beckham" pose made it on the blog. Happy Birthday E!

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